About Us

Wood Trade Services LLC provides Woodwork Project Cost Analysis Services. David Brown Jr, President, has 18 years experience in the architectural woodworking industry in Drafting, Project Management, Estimating, Software Implementation and Project Analysis. We will compare project estimates and budgets with actual project costs to provide you with comprehensive reports that will pinpoint areas of your project where you are earning the most money or losing money. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure… The data received will be helpful when working on upcoming projects and will show flaws in project estimates or shop efficiencies that may need to be addressed.

Note: we will need you to provide us with project estimates and actual cost data to complete our analysis. The following information is typical information we require:

  • Project Name and Location
  • Customer Project Number or ID
  • Copy of Project PO or Subcontract
  • Estimated Material and Labor Reports (More detailed reports receive more detailed analysis)
  • Project Change Orders
  • Actual Cost Data (More detailed reports receive more detailed analysis)
  • Tax Information and Rates

ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. View a sample of our confidentiality agreement here.

The best time to order your cost analysis is at the end of your project when you have all your actual costs tallied. However, if you wish for us to provide budget reports at the beginning of the project we can do so. And then we can compare with actual costs when the project is complete.

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Lead times depend on the size of the project.