What Is Project Fraud?

What Is Project Fraud? What is project fraud? Typically, it is a misrepresentation of a project in order to gain funding from investors or banks. However, it does include a wide variety of other circumstances such as when a company lies about being behind schedule during production or going over budget. Managers may purposefully predict higher profitability than expected or… Read more →

The Importance of Professional Website Developers

The Importance of Professional Website Developers Professional website design is a must-have for any successful business. Currently, the website designer is becoming more highly sought-after than ever. Although many companies use blog services for their websites, these generic websites are built off of similar templates. For the best in web development, a professional website designer can construct you a site… Read more →

Project Planning Basics

Project Planning Basics In order to achieve successful results on a project, it is important to place an emphasis on the planning stage. Quality preparation can go a long way in ensuring that everything goes according to plan, stays within budget and meets the requirements of clients. Some people prefer to skip the planning stage in order to get right… Read more →